"Big future" mural

Our illustration studio "Bang Bang" was approached by "Strelka" institute with the request to help them in visualizing the final projects of their students describing possible trends in future development of the society (you can check the trends description in details on http://bigfuture.ru/en). A dozen of our illustrators have been working for a month to create this massive mural in a collage technique (its length is about 30 meters).

Illustrators: Varya Alay, Dmitry Ligay, Evgeny Dvoretsky, Tanya Vaskovskaya, Antonina Aleksandrova, Valery thewatt, Valentin Tkach, Ilya Orlov, Igor Skaletsky, Ilya Kutoboy.

Art director: Evgeny Kazantsev / Producers: Valery thewatt (Bang Bang Studio), Dasha Paramonova (Strelka institute). / 2015